Small Gardens – To lay turf or not?

Many people who live in cities throughout the UK do not have the advantage of a huge garden with trees, plants, shrubs and this post is dedicated to those of you who have smaller gardens. If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that size is not everything. To make your small garden space a lovely spot for relaxing, we say you should try to lay some turf. It doesn’t have to cover your whole garden, we wouldn’t recommend that, but if you can find a way to separate your garden into neat little areas with a small patch of lawn, it will look a lot nicer on the eyes.

Why not have a shaped lawn to the right with a patio pathway leading to a small shed, or you can have woodchips with plants to the borders. This simple design will not only provide a nice area to sit back and relax in a deck chair, it will also welcome wildlife to your garden and give you some much-needed storage space. Many people wonder whether they should completely slab their garden and just use it as a seating area. That is an option if you live in a busy city and don’t have much time to cut the grass, but it doesn’t create a very comfortable environment. If all you have is slabs surrounded by four fences, it won’t feel like a nice area for entertaining. You’d be much better having potted plants hanging from the fences in baskets, with a small patch of shaped lawn. It adds some interest to the garden and it will make it a much more desirable place to relax.

Potted plants can be extremely useful for small gardens and with enough of them you can create a very nice border. You don’t always have to opt for a lawn but you should try to get some greenery in your garden, whether it is a potted tree, a plant or shrubs. For more ideas, why not check out images online of small gardens, you’ll be amazed at how much you can achieve with such a small space.