How to make a feature wall in your home

Feature walls are a trendy new interior design quirk, and they are not too hard to do yourself. Feature walls have come a long way since simply painting one wall a different colour from the rest, they are a creative part of your home.

We have outlined two modern feature wall ideas to help get the ball rolling:

Wooden slats- having an entire wall covered with wooden slats can create a truly rustic style to any room. With these slats now easily available to buy, all you need to do is sand the wall down and they are ready to be laid. Wooden interior walls look great with a large mirror or a quirky frame on them.

Brick tiles- These tiles have a similar interior design impact as the wooden slats previously mention. They are fixed to the wall as normal tiles but have the exact finish of industrial bricks. A great look of those wanting a cool modern twist to the interior of their home.