A new phase of freestanding bathtubs

Back in the 1970s, freestanding roll top bathtubs were fairly common. Then the panelled bathtub took over and it’s now fair to say that the majority of British houses have this style of bath. That could be slowly changing though, and you only need to look at new developments in the UK to see the return of freestanding tubs. If you have enough space in the bathroom, a freestanding bathtub can make a statement in terms of style, class and luxury. They are often positioned centrally to really stand out in the room, but the main advantage is that they can be installed virtually anywhere. There are now many different types to choose from, including modern and minimalistic designs as well as classic shapes with intricate details. This basically means that no matter what house you have, whether it’s old or new, you can probably find a freestanding bathtub that’s right for you. It will be interesting to see if this trend picks up even more in 2017.